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James Waterman

Managing Director

The 6th April 2023 marked the launch of the high-rise residential building registration portal by the Building Safety Regulator. With an estimated 12,500 buildings to be registered before the deadline of 1st October 2023, now is the time for accountable persons to make sure they have a strategy to meet the requirements of the Building Safety Act. 

Failure to register an occupied higher-risk building by the deadline will be a criminal offence. 

Owners of residential buildings should initially review whether their building(s) is defined as a higher-risk building under the Building Safety Act. The act defines a higher-risk building in occupation that are 18m or 7 storeys in height and contain at least two residential apartments.

They also need to identify who the accountable person is and where there is more than one accountable person, who is the principal accountable person. The principal accountable person is the party who holds the repairing obligation in relation to the relevant parts of the structure and exterior of the building.

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