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Written by

James Waterman

Managing Director

The Building Safety Act introduces the biggest changes to building regulations in over 40 years and fundamentally impacts the way we build, particularly when it comes to higher-risk buildings (those over 18m or 7 storeys with at least two residential units). It can be daunting to understand and for companies to get compliant. 

At Building Safety Act Consult, we bring a blend of building control, fire and project management experience together to help you navigate the incoming Building Safety Act. Our team has over 200 years' combined experience in the construction industry, delivering some of the UK's most complex programmes and projects. 

We have been there and done it when it comes to building and fire safety. At Building Safety Act Consult, we believe the introduction of the Building Safety Act signals a time for the industry to act. Our services are structured to guide our clients through every challenge that the Building Safety Act poses, and to get projects and buildings compliant. 

We are able to support developers, designers, contractors and consultants. 

Our services are structured in four pillars: 

Assessment - We can review your assets and projects to advise how your portfolio of projects or assets are impacted by the Building Safety Act; including which buildings are higher-risk and require registration with the Building Safety Regulator. 

Strategic Advice - Using our experienced Building Control team, we can provide you with strategic advice on how ready your projects or company is for the Building Safety Act and set out a strategy to help you reach compliance at all stages of the project lifecycle. 

Implementation Reviews - Once the strategy has been implemented our team can review company or project compliance with the Building Safety Act. 

Training - We can provide comprehensive training on the Building Safety Act for your teams or staff to make sure they are ready to implement it. We can also provide more in-depth training to your building safety officers, safety teams and high level presentations to executive boards on what they need to know. 

If we can help or support you to navigate the Building Safety Act, visit our website at or email Joshua Waterman at