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Josh Waterman

‘Whilst some details will come out in the wash, the industry must now get on with getting compliant with the new building safety regulations’


With key milestones within the new building safety regime looming in October 2023 following the introduction of the Building Safety Act, there remains a lot for the industry to do to be ready. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) continue to enforce the message that the ‘regime is on track to meet the agreed timelines’.

In a communication from the HSE at the end of July 2023, they describe it as a ‘crucial’ stage in the journey of building safety reform which has been taking place of the last 3 years.   

They have reiterated again that in October 2023 the BSR will become the Building Control Authority for high-rise buildings in England and that those who own and manage high-rise buildings in England must register their buildings before 1st October 2023.

This week they also announced the formation of the Industry Competence Committee has been established which is another great step forwards to achieve the building safety act’s goals. 

Last week Construction News reported that the government’s major projects body has flagged ‘significant issues’ at the BSR which the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) gave an ‘amber rating’ in their annual report for 2022/23.

Whilst there remains some uncertainty around exactly how the regulations will be implemented and enforced, one thing is clear which is that they will be introduced and come into force within the timeline set out and the industry needs to be ready.

So far there has been a mixed reaction to the act with some corners of the industry embracing it and seeing as an opportunity to improve standards, others have taken a more cautious approach whilst the full detail of the act irons itself out.

With the main impacts to date being the planning gateway one process shaking up the process for high-rise buildings and the registration of the buildings which are higher risk before 1st October, the act seems to have impacted developers most significantly at this stage of the building safety journey. The construction gateway comes into force in October 2023, there will be no doubt the impact will begin to ripple down into contractors, designers and the supply chain as further regulations come in.

The message from the government and the BSR has been that as the experts, the industry needs to take hold of the act and implement it. It should not wait for further guidance. It is up to the experts within the industry to drive innovative solutions and get compliant with the act, not be led by legislation or regulations.

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Joshua Waterman