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Services Built To Achieve BSA Compliance

The Building Safety Act is here. Is your company prepared for building safety reform?

Building Safety Act Consult (BSAC) Ltd bring over 200 years of expertise in building control, fire safety and project leadership to help your company navigate through the Building Safety Act and reach compliance through strategic advice, fulfilling duty holder roles and training.

Our services are structured in four pillars to respond to the process that we know our clients will likely need to go through to respond to the challenge the Building Safety Act poses.

The four pillars are strategic advice, building regulations principal designer role, higher-risk building gateway support, and training. We can support you to identify what actions you need to take on projects or as a business to get compliant with the act and then deliver the building regulations principal designer duty holder role on your behalf and guide you through the higher-risk building (HRB) gateways. Our training packages then complement this, so that you can give all of your teams or staff the core knowledge they need to be aware of the act and also how to deliver safe buildings.

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Our Services

Strategic Advice

We can provide you with strategic advice on what you need to do to make your projects or assets compliant with the Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA). We will work with you to set out a strategy across your portfolio for your business to implement. We can also complete business reviews to see what actions you need to take to reach compliance. 

Building Regulations Principal Designer

We undertake the building regulations principal designer role on all building works including higher-risk buildings (HRBs). With a wealth of building control experience, we can help plan, manage and monitor the design work to reach building regulations compliance. Our services are delivered in accordance with the principal designer competency framework PAS 8671.

Higher-Risk Building (HRB) Gateway Support

We provide our clients with support to prepare for a Gateway 2 building control application under the Building Safety Act, including providing the accompanying documents required to submit an application and define the level of design required to be able to satisfy the application requirements. We also help clients in Gateway 3 to achieve compliance during construction at handover and before occupation. We provide safety case reports and resident engagement strategies. 


We can provide comprehensive training on the Building Safety Act for your teams or staff to make sure they are ready to implement it. We can also provide more in depth training to your building safety officers, safety teams and high level presentations to executive boards on what they need to know. We offer online and face to face training packages.

Building Safety Act Training Course - Available Now

We are please to announce that our Building Safety Act training has been launched on our online platform.

This course is intended for all those involved in projects covered by the current requirements of Building Safety Act 2022. The course follows the structure of the Building Safety Act, with a course module for each section of the act spread over 5 hours of remote online interactive learning.

Provide delegates with an understanding of the legal requirements of the Building Safety Act 2022. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand the principles of Building Safety Act 2022 in relation to design, construction and estate management and how this affects work during design, construction, use, and maintenance.

Ready to sign up? Follow the link here to find out more about the course.

The Building Safety Act and BSAC Ltd

With over 200 years of experience delivering some of the most complex projects in the UK, we bring ‘been there, done it’ experience to building safety. Our team of Building Control Officers are Level 6 qualified and between us we have faced and overcome some of the most challenging safety constraints within the projects we have worked on.

The introduction of the Building Safety Act is the biggest change to the building regulations in 40 years.

For us at BSAC Ltd, the introduction of the Building Safety Act signals a time for the industry to act. We cannot wait for the next tragedy to happen. The industry needs to make fundamental changes so that buildings are safe and people are safe within their properties.

Having all been involved in construction projects for years, we want to help our Clients get compliant with the Building Safety Act and build safe buildings.

But ultimately it is bigger than that, it is about everyone going to sleep at night in their property knowing they are safe.

If we don’t act now, then when?